Reddit woodworking

Reddit woodworking tips can be helpful but I don’t really see it as a long term use for someone serious about woodworking. I was looking for some tips about woodworking and I thought a reddit woodworking subreddit would give me some ideas.


I also read where you can get traffic to your website from reddit so I thought why not get some ideas and maybe some traffic at the same time. Let me tell you these people on the reddit woodworking site are in a different world. I glanced over the rules and joined a reddit woodworking group with the hopes of learning new project ideas ans maybe some traffic.


The reddit woodworking subreddit I joined looked real cool and  some of the posts and pictures of some of the projects they made looked awesome. The people seemed to be real nice even though I heard horror stories about how ruthless they can be. Some of the projects had links to other sites so I left a comment with a link to a very useful woodworking tool that I know would make their job easier.


Before I knew it they sent me an email and a notice in my reddit account that I had been banned permanently from the reddit woodworking thread. I couldn’t figure out why until I read the rules a little closer. They don’t allow links from anyone even though I seen a few in there from other people. It seems a little excessive to ban someone for life from a thread but if they are that ruthless I guess its not meant to be for me.


What was going to be a fun adventure turned out to be a big waste of time for my promotion efforts. So a word of advice is if you want to get some free advertising don’t use reddit. Want to learn about a woodworking side business.Click the link below


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